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I don't buy very many things online (most of the things I buy are perishable), so I've never used Craigslist; therefore, I cannot evaluate the thesis of the article re: the mess of Craiglist design very well. However, if the design and other things are so bad, just why is it that Craigslist continues to dominate the market? Is it only that they're 100% free (except for certain listings in certain areas)? However, I'm sure that other companies are trying the freebie approach as well (after all, look at twitter and all the other companies who seem to have no idea how they'll make money). Also, how is it that Craigslist is so successful with "backward" tech?
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[personal profile] petronia has made a survey about the concept of "Fansupported" in the music biz, and she needs 100 people to take it. It's a very short survey.

I'm not a big music buyer, nor do I really follow any bands. If I like music, I'll... listen to it, but in my entire life, I've never gone to a concert or bought musician merchandise. So I answered the survey in extremely hypothetical terms.

Nevertheless, the concept behind it is intriguing: we all know the music industry is troubled as a result of the collapse of their economic model in the face of technology. But, bands need start up capital to make recordings. So, how can they get it? One model which has developed is the concept of fans giving money to the band towards the recording of their album. The fans give a certain sum, and are proportionately rewarded with something. Sometimes, this may be legal d/ls or copies of the CD, or other things like merchandise, autographs, discounts, etc, or it may be revenue sharing.

how I answered the survey. Don't read because it may prejudice you or whatever, so go take the survey first )

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