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Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 12:23 pm
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Delicious has been acquired by Avos.

It seems moving your data over to the new Delicious will be an opt-in process. That is, if people don't explicitly agree to the AVOS Terms of Service and consent to having their data moved, it's not going to be on the relaunched site.
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"Yahoo! actually went on the offensive and claimed they weren’t going to kill Delicious but sell it, which makes me laugh, because no such thing could be true – the most glaring reason being that Yahoo’s authentication system infests every one of their properties, and a lot of people on Delicious are using Yahoo IDs. Another is that Yahoo are incompetent assholes. Back in January of 2009, Archive Team announced that Yahoo! was not to be trusted. Someone from Yahoo! showed up and said we were wrong. I’m having this image he was fired, as was the entire staff of Delicious. Tell me how you intend to transition a site when you fire everyone first. You don’t. A place buying it would be buying the name and maybe the right to use the software. Maybe. Who would want that?"

Let's hope this doesn't happen. However, there still seems to be no news of any buyers for Delicious...
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Is there a technical reason why the blog posting thing at Delicious (it will automatically crosspost a daily digest of your delicious links) doesn't work with Livejournal or DW without the usage of an external script?

(Asking for a friend who wants to cross-post a digest of daily Delicious links to Dreamwidth)

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