Monday, May 19th, 2014 12:08 am
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Updated notesonleaves a bit.

In other news, it seems LJ is updating its design again. Currently there is an opt-out while the design is in beta, but that will disappear after the beta period ends. In the meantime it feels like everyone has gone more to Tumblr than ever.

Currently reading a travelogue about Buddhist statuary in Japan. However I do not know enough about Buddhism so unless I have seen it I need to look everything up. I need the idiot's guide to Buddhist iconography.

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Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 04:35 pm
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Have managed to post a bit more on http://notesonleaves.tumblr.com these days. I have gotten up to volume 9 of Onmyouji, and after that I skimmed through the rest and went "So Seimei has a Super Saiyan mode AND there are random flashbacks to Ancient Egypt and Greece. However the art is even more stunning than ever." (http://notesonleaves.tumblr.com/tagged/onmyouji/chrono to see it all in order)

So after I finish rereading Slam Dunk I plan to go and start blogging about The Ravages of Time. (there seem to be actually some fans on Tumblr)
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Am about 50% (somewhat less) w/ the Onmyouji readthrough I threatened.


I also made a tag index: http://notesonleaves.tumblr.com/tags
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http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&tl=en&twu=1&u=http://lenta.ru/news/2011/11/19/zhzh/&usg=ALkJrhhxg9B2Rg2k0WsNodEgzwrk3iiL9A <--Translation of a news article claiming LJ will not be using ads (however, users will be allowed to put their own ads on their journals).

http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ru&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&u=http%3A%2F%2Flenta.ru%2Fnews%2F2011%2F11%2F19%2Fzhzh1%2F <--LJ will create a revamped system for ranking bloggers, update the site design (wow), described as being unchanged from 1999, and the backend will be rewritten, allowing uses to have more friends. Now, since this is all via google translate, I'm not sure how accurate this is (anyone who reads Russian want to confirm this?)

Servers may also be moved from the US to Europe (I've seen other sources saying some, but not all will be moved).

http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Faspix.livejournal.com%2F133821.html <--Better picture of new interface, and mention that there will be more extensive use of Ajax.

thoughts )
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The head of Livejournal Russia has changed: the new person in charge is Ilya Dronov, who is [identity profile] igrick.livejournal.com, previously in charge of development. In his first post since his appointment, he discusses (google translate link) LJ Abuse Prevention, and future plans.

Also, Anton Nossik, who formerly worked for LJ Russia, has returned to SUP, and is now Media Director of SUP Media. He has given some hints (google translate link) about the future direction of LJ. Apparently there will be an upgrade of the engine, increase of site speed for Russian users, redesign of interfaces, 3rd party apps, more mobile, more template flexibility, etc. Apparently more details will be forthcoming when the project is officially announced.

BTW, could anyone who speaks Russian explain the part that is translated by google "Razrulivanie problems associated with conflicts of creators and moderators of the communities at the expense of the most distinct separation of management rights / ownership"?
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LJarchive, the 3rd party program which lets you archive your LJ on your computer, is currently not working properly.

I found two support requests about it.


LJ staff, in later comments, say that the issue has been forwarded to the developers, so maybe it'll work again one day.

In other news, LJ's Rich Text Editor continues to have problems.

Here (in Russian), the head of LJ development talks about release 83.1, which fixes some of the bugs.

I haven't been posting to LJ recently (and I don't use the RTE anyhow) but I'm amazed they put out this release without finding or addressing any of these bugs. Something has gone seriously wrong in their testing.
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Release 83 is now live, which is mostly updates to the Rich Text update page. There seem to be a lot of bugs associated with this, however.

Also, there are some hints about what will be released in v. 84, which is scheduled for early September. Also, the Scrapbook II code has been uploaded, but due to some technical issues, beta testing hasn't started yet.

As far as I can figure out via Google Translate (anyone who can speak Russian, please help?) in v. 84 there will be:

Improved calculation of ratings (I think this is an RU-side feature only?) which will be better at calculating which things are truly popular.
Ability to create pending records for journals and comms (Is this a drafts feature? Might be http://changelog.livejournal.com/11284213.html or http://changelog.livejournal.com/11284531.html)
Some kind of self-promotion thing (I think this has been mentioned in changelog)
Remaking the comments form (I think this is what it's saying?)
m.livejournal.com can resize images on the fly
Something about SMS and personal messages/notifications
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A post from a Russian DW user about using Dreamwidth: http://vserguey.dreamwidth.org/130399.html

In other news, LJ continues to be working on...

http://changelog.livejournal.com/11239637.html A new photo-hosting interface (this is being tested with a small group of beta-testers, IIRC)

and some mysterious thing called "self-promo": http://changelog.livejournal.com/11236661.html
I'm guessing this will allow you to pay to promote your posts on the LJ site?

The new photo-hosting is intriguing. Perhaps it'll make it easier to post and embed photos?
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I've heard that more Russian speakers are using DW, and reportedly some English-speakers are complaining about it. They don't like the way that the Latest Posts page is not 100% English.

Actually, I think an influx of Russian users is not only not bad, but potentially a good thing for DW. The growth of English-speaking users IMHO seemed to have had plateaued prior to the recent DDoS. With a new group of users coming in, there's the potential for viral growth there as well. There seem to be at least 2K of Russian users, although I'm not sure how much that is relatively. However, growth may be limited by the fact that the site and its documentation are all in English.
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Huh, I had thought that Dreamwidth wasn't going to allow the importing of communities, but it seems that has changed, and it is eventually planned, but unlikely to happen soon?

I'm also kind of confused by the 'non-evil way.' As I understand it, right now OpenID accounts cannot post entries to DW comms (they can on LJ), and if this is implemented on DW, it would be possible to allow comm importation in a non-evil way? (Under the same understanding that governs the importation of comments). I wonder if it is possible to use LJ's code for implementing openID posting on DW, or if it's part of the non-open-source code.

However, I wonder about the social implications of this. Some people already disliked the comment importation thing. What about comm importation? The importation of a comm potentially affects many more people.

I suppose the people who really object are totally capable of getting rid of their stuff, but what if they've deleted the account? Or what if it ran in a way in which the mods posted something, not the actual owners of the content? Also, this involves even more comments potentially being imported. (BTW, if you are no longer a member of a comm, can you still delete the comments you've made in a post you no longer have access to?) Well, that probably won't happen with entries, since a comm owner can't change security level on entries, so if they were public to begin with, you can still delete them.
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http://igrick.livejournal.com/510012.html (Russian language link)

From what I can understand via machine translation, he gives more details on the DDoS attacks and says that it has stopped for the moment, but they are still continuing the mitigation procedures. He also talks about the origin of the attacks, and the wording of the English language message about the DDos, which seems to have upset/confused some Russian speaking users.

[Some of the content in these posts is similar to this post on SUP's official webpage: http://www.sup.com/en/news_359.html]

http://igrick.livejournal.com/510275.html (also Russian language)

He also wrote a post about how there were lots of 500 and 503 errors while posting as a side effect of the mitigation. He says that there may be fewer errors when posting with an app using xml-rpc api. (For example, the iphone/ipad/android apps)

http://igrick.livejournal.com/511301.html (again, Russian language)

This seems to have a scan of an official communication written by SUP. At the end, if google translate is rendering this correctly, he's saying that there will be two weeks compensation for paid users.

Anyone out there who speaks Russian know what the scan says?
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http://translate.google.com/#ru|en|http%3A%2F%2Fj.mp%2Fow3oXz Via Google Translate.

Apparently they've concluded it's a DDoS so strong that the backbone providers (Qwest and Verizon) couldn't stand the load, with an avg. traffic load of 6 gigabits.

I'm not sure why another staffer says that posting this is a bad idea. The people behind this know what's going on anyway, and most users will never find out about this anyhow because they won't bother to look.

Other links (in Russian)

The sup.com link may imply that paid users will be compensated for lost time.


English language link
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It says "Creare RSS feed for friends page." Anyone know what it means from the code?

recent lj news

Friday, June 10th, 2011 04:22 pm
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LJ also briefly implemented geolocation and then turned it off in the face of massive user dissatisfaction. I suspect based on these staff comments that it might be a culture clash kinda thing. In any case the issue seems to be resolved for the time being.

Also the LJ news comm is moving towards a much more reasonable format. Instead of weekly posts filled with non-news and contests, it's becoming biweekly (twice a month), and focusing on updates and important LJ information. I hope this also marks the end of the annoying "comment to get a free vgift" things too. It always seemed like a HUGE waste of time for paid staff to be administering these things anyhow. I mean, at most a few hundred people participated, which might be a significant amount if we are talking about a userbase the size of Dreamwidth's, but not, I think, in the case of one like LJ.
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Posterous has announced a new API which will let developers create Posterous-powered sites on their own domains, and allow them to add users on those sites.


Documentation here. No idea how this works, but it sounds pretty neat.

Meanwhile, on Wordpress.com you can now post comments using Twitter or Facebook:

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Article about why Tumblr is so good at retaining users, reportedly even better than Facebook.

I find myself using Tumblr more and more these days. The search capacity is especially useful.



Today (link processed through google translate) LJ added some code that will allow people to put the buttons for Facebook and Google (and others) in their entries. Since this is totally opt in, I am guessing this isn't going to be controversial.
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Above link has more details about the reasons behind Insanejournal's decision to institute a purge: financial and spam problems.

In other news, a majority of respondents to the "should identity accounts be allowed to post on DW comms" poll answered yes. In the comments [personal profile] foxfirefey points out there are some spam concerns with this. Spam is a big threat the the finances of a Web 2.0 site, so that's definitely a big issue.

Thinking more about the openID/identity account issue, I noticed that many people who opposed the change in that LJ thread cited "commitment" to LJ itself as being important. People may believe that such "commitment" to LJ means that the user is less likely to be a troll, yet wouldn't a really dangerous troll be the sort to put in more effort into their trolling? But does using an openID account mean that you are inherently a suspect character? Couldn't it be just indicative of not wanting to remember another login? What if you simply see no benefit in having a journal at LJ/DW? Now, on DW, it could mean that the person has no idea how to get an invite code, or just doesn't see any point in becoming a DW user because all they want to do is comment: however, I don't think that would make the person suspect.

I think there are more people who use LJ in this way, and thus have little need for anything other than an identity account. Personally, I often see many users who seem to have accounts solely to participate in communities, and with largely blank journals. If this describes more and more of the LJ clientele, it has consequences for LJ's financial model. And, if many people see LJ not as "site where I have a journal and talk to friends" but "where Community X is hosted," that's a significant change in usage, too.
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Insanejounal is having a username purge. I have a largely inactive account at IJ, so it was placed in deletion mode, but undeleting it is a pretty simple and painless process. Squeaky, the admin/owner of IJ, claims that he has decided to do this because a) many accounts are spam, and b) because he receive "thousands" of messages asking for the deletion of inactive accounts. He gives more information about the username purge here.

Much of the reaction to his decision, both positive and negative, comes from roleplayers. Some welcome the purge because it puts less strain on IJ, and because they want some of the purged usernames. Others are upset that journals of inactive roleplayers will be purged.

(Personally speaking... since this isn't the first time Squeaky has deleted inactive accounts, and it's IIRC stated in the IJ faqs, I don't have much of a problem with it. I have a domain name and webhosting. If I stopped paying for that, I wouldn't expect them to keep it up; similarly, if I stop "paying" for an IJ account by not frequenting the site, I feel I'd have to accept the consequences of that also... Perhaps a way this issue could be dealt with is the creation of a mechanism to transfer ownership of accounts?)
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In the latest release, LJ has now allowed for identity accounts (openID, Facebook, Twitter, and others) to post in LJ communities. While this new feature has been overshadowed by the LJ nav strip revision, it seems to have already caused some controversy.

Personally, I'm for this feature (although I don't think that it'll affect me personally much); I really don't think there's much of a security issue with Twitter/FB accounts posting, and actually I'm puzzled by the assertion that LJ-Abuse has less data on the identity accounts than other accounts. I mean, isn't LJ Abuse able to trace even anonymous posters through IP addresses and other things? Anyone with more technical knowledge want to chime in on those aspects?

I now wonder, though, if Dreamwidth is going to implement a similar feature, and if so, would there also be this kind of opposition?

Poll #6955 identity accounts posting in comms on DW
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 33

Should DW allow identity accounts (openID) to make posts in communities?

View Answers

22 (66.7%)

8 (24.2%)

Other (explain in comments)
3 (9.1%)

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