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Poll #1737 What do you think about Loudtwitter digests in LJ or DW?
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Do you use Twitter?

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I use Twitter frequently
34 (55.7%)

I have an account, but use it infrequently
17 (27.9%)

I only use my account to read
2 (3.3%)

I don't have a Twitter account
8 (13.1%)

Other (write in comments)
0 (0.0%)

What do you think of Loudtwitter digests in LJ or DW?

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I use Loudtwitter myself to post my tweets
2 (3.3%)

I don't use it, but I like it
3 (5.0%)

Indifferent; I don't care one way or the other
14 (23.3%)

Dislike because I use Twitter and so it's something I already see
16 (26.7%)

Dislike because I don't like to read tweets
12 (20.0%)

Dislike for some other reason (comment on your own)
8 (13.3%)

Other (write in comments)
5 (8.3%)

This question was vaguely inspired by the new LJ account on... Facebook, where they seem to be asking people about such issues. I'm actually kind of surprised that there wasn't an official page already.
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Love Twitter or hate it, it's a popular site, and rather more popular than LJ. However, LJ doesn't have any Twitter integration (as far as I'm aware) and neither does Dreamwidth. IMHO, it would be a good idea for DW to integrate more with Twitter, especially as a) many DW users use Twitter, b) many potential DW users use Twitter, and c) Twitter seems to quite integratable.

How do other (micro)blogging sites integrate with Twitter? There seem to be several ways:
1) using Twitter as a form of login [EDIT: Twitter's materials on signing in with Twitter]
2)crossposting feeds/updates to Twitter
3)importing Twitter feeds as a sidebar widget

Let's look at Posterous, Tumblr, and

Posterous: One of Posterous's famed features is its crossposting (called "Autoposting"). And I sure do mean crossposting. Twitter is just one of the many sites Posterous can crosspost to [LJ is one of them, Dreamwidth is not], and the Posterous folks openly tout Posterous as a way to easily post pictures and other media to Twitter. Also, Posterous, unlike Tumblr, has built-in commenting, and it allows Twitter login, along with Facebook Connect. I don't think you can import Twitter feeds into your sidebar, though (I may be wrong).

Tumblr: Tumblr also allows you to send info to Twitter (and also Facebook). Tumblr doesn't have built in commenting, but you can edit your layout to use either Disqus or Intense Debate, both of which allow you to use Twitter login (as well as FB connect). And, you can put your Twitter feed in your blog layout, should you so desire to, as a widget. Wordpress recently put in Twitter crossposting (it also allows you to edit how the Tweets appear.) doesn't use Twitter login. (Though on your own Wordpress install, I'm sure you can do it.) Since Twitter uses RSS, you can easily display your Tweets as a widget in your sidebar

Although DW and LJ don't have built in crossposting to Twitter, you can use a service such as Twitterfeed to post them to a Twitter account (such as I have done here). This works fairly well, IMHO. Twitterfeed also allows you to have a feed input into your Facebook account. What if DW were to allow Facebook Connect as a login option for comments and have an option to automatically crosspost to FB?

(BTW, in terms of the poll, I'm fairly surprised that so many people selected Facebook, especially given that so many people in the LJ Suggestions comm and on LJ news seem to think that the site is the Great Satan.)

Also found something interesting while poking around in Russian LJ: seems that SUP bought out the equivalent of LJ-Toys, and they have some interesting utilities there. <--supposed to show who memoried someone (enter in LJ name), although it only seems to be the users they've spidered, and I'm not sure how that was determined (only Cyrillic journals?) <---choose two users, and it'll give you the friends they have in common.

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