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1. Seriously, LIMERICKS? Isn't there something more useful LJ staffers could be doing? WTF?

2. Posted elsewhere my thoughts on SW3 CG scenes (tl;dr version: LOL, and man, they really changed around some of the non-historical relationships), Aoi Hana (tl;dr version: too lacking in structure?, or maybe I just hate slice of life. Bailed after two vols), and Saiunkoku spoilers (tl;dr version: stuff happens, but a lot of stuff fails to happen yet. As usual recent Saiunkoku reads a lot better if you like the higher officials).
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1. In the old days, when people would you know, have a skull as say a paperweight or around to have dramatic soliloquies to, like.... how did they get the brain out of the skull? Nowadays if you're making a skull, I bet they dissolve it with chemicals or something, but in the old days, what happened? Does the brain dissolve, sorta? Does it come out of the nose or the ears? Do they do something to get it out? I recall when making mummies they would remove the brain through the nose, IIRC.

2. Continuing on the "delete positive comments," it would be interesting if we had the ability on LJ type journaling services to easily set a default alternate way of showing comments. In other words, so we could have default view=flat if we wanted it that way, or we could change the ordering to show new comments on top instead of old comments, or have comment threads that had new replies float to the top instead.

3. On types of moderation of comments: (Summing up of the discussion in post below)

Right now the way LJ is, is that there are few social moderation tools for comms, meaning that the only person who can mod are the moderators (well, actually the maintainers) and the poster. In other foras, such as reddit and slashdot, there are ways that the other members may moderate comments, such as karma. Karma has certain negative aspects that I am not sure about, and I don't think all communities are suited for such a degree of self-moderation.

Moderation can exist, among other things, to a) identify, and possible make invisible "bad" comments, and b) to elevate and make more visible "good" comments, however 'good' and 'bad are defined.

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Hmm, still no Google Wave account. I wonder just how many people did bother to even sign up for it? (There's a page where you can go sign up for an invite, if you're interested, and they'll get around to you sooner or later, although right now, more like the later)

There are also so many annoying scammers on Twitter, convincing people to retweet, and falsely claiming to have invites. I guess this is the downside of closed betas, all the frustration from people who want in and can't.

Anyway, as previously noted, am closing down the main LJ account. For people who are interested in Ravages of Time, I have started up a new account here. However, it will not make any sense to friend it unless you like that series. Otherwise, you're going to be really bored/confused, as I make post after post about "and in the novel X happened, so how will it happen in RoT?" and "lol, have some pics of character Z." See, would be cool if we had something like Wave for blogging, so that we could start talking about something and then have people be able to subscribe to it separately without going through the trouble of creating a whole new blog for it.

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a rant

Sunday, June 14th, 2009 11:36 pm
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I'm getting rather annoyed with how on the suggestions comm people are always like "Facebook does this, so LJ shouldn't." Obviously, just because Facebook does something doesn't mean that LJ should either. Even if you don't personally like Facebook/Facebook doesn't meet your needs, it does meet the needs of a lot of people, which argues that yes, maybe it HAS implemented features which are genuinely valuable to its users.

more ranting on this issue: probably most will want to skip )

BTW, agree or disagree: "If we could both blog on Facebook and be anonymous (er, pseudonymous), a lot of people would not be using LJ anymore."

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