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If Google Trends is to be believed, LJ now has more Russian traffic than U.S. traffic.

I was poking around Compete and Alexa looking at stats, and when I saw that said that 33.6% of LJ visitors were Russian vs. 21.5% of visitors being American, I wondered whether that could be true. However, the Alexa stats did not differentiate by country.

Fortunately, I discovered Google Trends, which does, and which painted an interesting picture.

If you look at the global stats, over the past two years, LJ has declined from around a million daily unique visitors to a bit over 500K daily unique visitors.

However, you notice looking down that Russia is the top country mentioned, and we can view Russian stats separately. Over the past two years, there have been around 400K-300K daily visitors.
Can this possibly be true? And more stats from Google Ad Planner )

What do you make of all this?
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So, someone said that they were interested in hearing about Russian Livejournal (or Cyrillic, given that there are other languages other than Russian which are covered? I'm not sure how SUP provides extra services to them? Since I wasn't able to find this out, I will be talking only about the Russian language portion of LJ.) Anyway, I don't speak Russian AT ALL. All of this is based on machine translation.

differences in the LJ homepage ) )

some RU-specific official comms )

Anyway, if anyone who speaks Russian or is better informed than me notices any errors or misrepresentations, please feel free to write in with corrections.

It seems clear even to my underinformed eyes that SUP has poured quite a few resources into the Russian side of LJ: it must take a lot of staff time and development to have created and maintain, and to have made the statistics function.

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