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Yesterday, the LJ ops team attempted to move ONTD to another server, but were unfortunately unsuccessful. Also, in case you were wondering, ONTD itself isn't the source of the problems with LJ's operation, but more of a symptom; so ONTD sinking into the sea or whatever wouldn't really solve the real problem LJ faces, which is something with its architecture. Having no technical expertise in these matters, it's impossible for me to know how serious these problems really are, or how long it will take for them to resolve them.

This is pure speculation, but from what stats I can see, it doesn't really seem like the overall traffic of LJ has hugely exploded (especially from peak levels in the past), so could what it be is that the distribution of LJ traffic is what has altered? In other words, comparable numbers of people are accessing LJ, but in a more concentrated way? As people who have small scale journals decamp to FB (or Tumblr, etc), perhaps LJ usage has become far more community-oriented. (Well, some ONTD posters think this may be so)

Also, Kyle Cassidy has a post up about interstitial ads which play sounds on LJ, and why this is happening: (3rd party ad-networks, basically)

Anyway, in other social networking news, AOL is going to sell Bebo, or shut it down. Bebo, for those of you who don't know, is a social network with about 14 million monthly visitors which has mostly young people in the UK as its main audience, and it was ill-conceivedly bought by AOL awhile back for far too much ($850 million).

Although it's unclear what's going to happen, some tax experts say that entirely shutting down Bebo may make more financial sense for AOL. That's pretty tough for all of the users. 0_o In the comments, someone claiming they are a former Bebo employee has some choice words.
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