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Thursday, July 15th, 2010 10:58 am
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Sunday, October 11th, 2009 08:19 pm
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Must say, my immediate reaction was "well, manga by women for a female audience is going to have fewer doujin and such, because 1) most doujin is about pairings and shipping, and b) most manga by women for a female audience has pairings in it (and pairings that the audience is interested in). Thusly, since it's already in the canon, there is less of a need to create fanworks."

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In other news, am rereading slowly the Ravages of Time. BTW, I heard that someone refused to read it because there was a lack of bishounen, which totally confuses me. (I mean, not that all the characters are pretty, but it's not like there is a lack, either?) But then, I read Jojo, so maybe my aesthetic values have been permanently warped.
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So like, the basic problem between the two main characters is, well, actually, why should I bother talking about it when it's basically the main plot! Read it yourself and figure out what you think. XD But yeah, in a nutshell, the main character, Ootomo Kyouichi has kind of fallen into a relationship with Imagase, who is openly gay and madly in love with him. However, Kyouichi is sort of ambivalent about it, because he likes the attention and then likes Imagase as a person, and doesn't want to hurt him; he's someone who's passive about relationships and needs to be loved by the other person. Yet, being passive, in general his feelings on the other end are kind of weak. Imagase is the exact opposite in his philosophy towards relationships; to him whether he loves the other person is the most important thing. Yet Imagase cannot ignore the ambivalence of Kyouichi towards him, in the end, and not wanting to hurt Imagase anymore, Kyouichi agrees that they should break up.
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Now is the time on Sprockets this blog where we semi-annually push comics that we wish had a greater fandom.

Okay, I know a lot of you don't want to read an ongoing series, but this one? I swear to you that this is one of my favorite comic series (since it's originally Chinese, it's technically not manga, but manhua) of all time, and yes, you can read it online here.

What the heck is it about?: Well, the creator, Chen Mou, takes the story of the Three Kingdoms and tells it in a revisionist manner, often from the perspective of Sima Yi, the eventual victor (and usually portrayed as the nemesis of the 'protagonist/most loved character,' to simplify matters greatly). It's kind of like a remix, but you can still read it even if you haven't read the novel. (BTW, if you have ever played Dynasty Warriors, you're definitely prepared to read this, especially for the lulz. (Sima Yi is pretty different from his DW incarnation; lack of cackling, and most of the time he impersonates a normal person quite well.)) It's especially interesting to see how the characterizations are different from the conventional pop culture portrayals.

I guess in some ways it could be compared to Vinland Saga or Legend of the Galactic Heroes (maybe the two smashed together, but in Ancient China? XD), as well. There's both great fight scenes, and awesome, detailed art, as well as intricate plotting and double-crossing, as well as copious philosophizing and “what is this all about?” stuff. Sometimes the plot can get kind of confusing, but that's the nature of epics, anyhow. I'm going to do a reread, so feel free to ask me any questions if you have them. [Actually, maybe I should blog the reread. XD]

If you're going to start reading it, the very opening chapter is a dream sequence, whose significance is still kind of unclear in the plot. The first five volumes have a plot that is very tenuously connected to history: basically, all you need to know is that all the other lords hate Dong Zhuo, but cause he's got the strongest warrior in the land, Lu Bu at his side, they can't touch him. Sima Yi's brother has been taken hostage by Dong Zhuo, therefore he sends his assassin squad to bust him out of jail, while the rest of the anti-Dong Zhuo coalition schemes to overthrow him, and things become quite exciting.

Some relevant links:
http://ravagesoftime.wikispaces.com (wiki by fantranslator. Contains COPIOUS SPOILERS, so don't read until you have read some of the comic. I should note that RoT contains some absolutely stunning twists, so you should NOT spoiler yourself.)
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Finished Ode to Kirihito. This is a manga by Osamu Tezuka, but boy... is it NOT for children; suffice to say it contains a great deal of shocking elements. Embarrassingly, I don't score too well on classic manga. I've read like Glass Mask (everyone, BTW, should read Glass Mask), but not much of the older stuff at all.
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Was also reading through the interview at the end of Devices and Desires. Some of the statements by the author were fairly thought-provoking, so I have transcribed excerpts here.

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[personal profile] torachan posted about this awhile back. This manga is a bunch of shorts about the trials of being a teacher of Japanese to foreigners, who sometimes ask questions native speakers don't know how to answer. Most of the manga won't make sense to people who don't know Japanese, as it is er... about the Japanese language.

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Mizushiro Setona is, IMHO, one of the best shoujo/BL mangaka out there. It's not because of her art (which was honestly, pretty awful when she started, but has improved by leaps and bounds), but because of her writing and characterization. It actually is incredibly puzzling to me that she isn't more popular, especially as she does both shoujo and BL, and thus could get both audiences.

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"The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese" starts of with a fairly clichéd BL scenario: the main character, Kyouichi, is a salaryman, who is in a pretty lifeless marriage, but he honestly doesn't care that his wife only loves shopping. It turns out that she's hired a detective to follow him around and investigate him, and the detective is his college kouhai, Imagase. Imagase is gay, and has always been obsessed with Kyouichi. He has found evidence of Kyouichi's past affairs, but will keep quiet about them if Kyouichi agrees to make out with him. Kyouichi agrees. Anyway, to cut the cliche part short, Imagase keeps his promise, but Kyouichi's wife divorces him anyway. Later, Kyouichi, while continuing to insist he's straight, sort of starts fooling around with Imagase, who repeatedly declares his love for him...

My mini summary was really bad, because it doesn't explain the interesting stuff. One thing I found refreshing is that yeah, Imagase is gay, and has relationships with other men. One of the obstacles in the relationship is that Kyouichi doesn't want to have sex with Imagase because of the meaning of that act in that context. The story really isn't about, even though it starts out with blackmail, Imagase victimizing or harassing Kyouichi. Imagase himself admits he's a stalker, but he shows himself willing to back off if Kyouichi really wants him to, and even leaves. Kyouichi, though, is willing to make steps that draw Imagase back, and doesn't outright reject him, because.... he cares about Imagase enough to feel bad about hurting his feelings, but not enough to stop, or to "take responsibility in the relationship." Bleh, that was a bad summary also: I guess what I mean is that the dialogue here and the plot is compelling, and there are two volumes (the sequel has a different name and isn't completely translated) so you had might as well read it and make up your own mind.

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I have yet to read the second manga, so please no spoilers yet. XD

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