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To be honest, following the gender sign up/profile debacle, I wonder if the lesson LJ/SUP is going to take is that they should make the LJ changelog comm locked. /cynical

Well, thankfully they did roll-back, and they are now saying that they will never do this in the future, so we'll see what happens. Am also kind of surprised to see that a user rep has actually talked to LJ users, and is apparently working on some kind of status report (not related to this).

Anyway, I also noticed that after the limericks comm, LJ has now come up with a new idea: tmi_lj, which is supposedly a comm dedicated to group narratives involving TMI (too much information). However, they must be suitable for youth. Which means, predictably, they veer into toilet humor.

However, there DOES seem to be some method behind the madness: there are now new free TMI virtual gifts, which are AdNectar promotions, [note: Paid Perm users see them as Sold Out] and when you click on them, you see some videos (people doing embarrassing things, although I'm not sure the first vid is work safe), which are part of some 3M campaign for privacy films on video screens or something. There is also a link to share the TMI campaign w/ your Facebook friends.


Looks like stats have arrived at LJ

So far, most of them are only available to paid/perm users. However, the My Guests thing is live. People who have opted out are shown as "invisible guest."

Also, LJ seems to be holding a holiday promotion

You can only see this if you are a paid/perm user, and what it seems to be is that paid/perm users can send $10 off coupons to Basic/Plus users. The coupons though, cannot be used to extend paid accounts.

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