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Ran into some weird bug where Kindle has trouble reading some Japanese text files, yet serendipitously, discovered a tool which turns Japanese txt files into PDFs optimized for the kindle.

At the same time, I also found that while Kindle is ok for scanlations, for raws you do need it to be somewhat bigger so that you can read Japanese text. (of course, you could zoom in, but that would be annoying... also, the img browser does have some bugs, like needing to be refreshed after sleeping) Oh well. It's kind of uncomfortable to read raw scans on the Kindle. However, I think it the Kindle DX would work well for that purpose. Unfortunately, the Kindle DX is quite expensive. There also don't seem to be any other e-ink readers available in the US which are the same size.

I actually saw the Kindle DX at Best Buy the other day. Surprisingly, they moved the ereader section, previously in the back of the store, to the very front, right next to the door. Does that indicate that e-readers are selling better? Already, four people I know have recently gotten ereaders, so there's anecdotal evidence for you there.
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Got some hand-on experience with a Kindle (it's not mine, but I got to use it).

I haven't really read a book with it, so until I do that, consider this an incomplete review.
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