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Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 09:17 am
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It seems like the request for anonymous suggestions at the suggestions comm has gathered quite a bit of support, although some of that is because there's a separate problem in there (namely, the way currently you can't set the option to turn off notifications when making the suggestions, although you can by editing the post afterward).

Personally, I think that while anonymous suggestions themselves are not very harmful, and there seems to be no compelling reason against the feature itself (this is my usual rubric for voting against a suggestion, whether I think there's a compelling reason against it. (Why is it necessary to know who someone is? I don't know who most of the suggesters on dw_suggestions are anyway) Whether I would use it or not use it is fairly immaterial to me, because as like... a person who uses only one icon, I doubt my use of the service is representative. XD However, if it seems totally an edge-use-case thing, though, I may sometimes vote against it), I'm not sure the problem complained about exists to such a great extent, and also, the logistical arguments against it seem compelling. Perhaps a better idea would be a non-technical solution to an essentially social problem, namely, opening up a comm where people could anonymously submit suggestions in the comments or something, and interested parties could take them and post them to the suggestions comm.

The thing is, I'm not so sure there are so many people who are unwilling to bring up their suggestions publicly? Are there really? And even if there are some, isn't the nature of suggestions that often another person will come up with the same idea and propose it? What I think it more likely is that people may hold back on suggestions that may be seen as unpopular, which is another problem, but a somewhat separate one. On the other hand, I guess I would think "meh, I know this suggestion is going to be unpopular, so why bother to suggest it if it's just going to get voted down into oblivion?" and that would apply whether I was putting it under my own name or not.

I think the dw_suggestions comm is, if anything, more open than the LJ suggestions comm, also, possibly because DW is seen as a work in progress.

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