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1. Dreamwidth is seeking to raise at least $50,000 to replenish reserves. They're looking from some ideas; I didn't really have any that were original (merch, have some kind of paid account sale). Anyway, if you have any good ones that don't involve more features, they'd be interested in hearing from you.

2. Looks like LJ has some sort of partnership up. No idea on what the final form is going to take (it hasn't been announced yet IIRC), but so far it appears that, like the classifieds, there isn't much integration of these games into LJ.

This does seem to be somewhat of a missed opportunity, because LJ is in a way a social network, and the integration of social networks and gaming has proved quite lucrative for some parties (although not always ethical). However, without any integration, either of the social graph (i.e., invite your friends, be notified if your friends join), or of actual in-site gaming (gaming is integrated into the site/notifications system), or of payment (using the in-development LJ Wallet or something? I know Facebook is working on some credits system, which people will probably be able to use in their game purchases), I don't think there's any real advantage for either party that wouldn't be gotten from simple banner ads or whatever.

So what games would work well with LJ/DW style sites? rambling on this topic )
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For those of us too lazy to go through 41 slides, basically in Fishville you buy fish, and raise them and sell them to get more $$$, which you can use to upgrade your tank or buy more fish. The main way to get cash is selling the fish, but you can also get cash by inviting your friends and "helping" them.

This is a multi-million dollar business where much of the profits come from people buying the virtual money (and previously, scammy offers, but Zygna has now renounced them). This approach, now even more widespread in the more profitable Chinese social-network sphere, seems to be catching on in America. Will virtual goods end up being the salvation of profit-seeking social networks?

Also, does anyone else find the My Guests thing at LJ sort of useless since the majority of visitors are invisible? Also, I found out by looking at the Russian news comm that all of the users who used Cyrillic services before Dec. 15 get to keep using full stats (whereas to non-Cyrillic users the stats besides My Guests are paid/perm only features ahaha)

In other news, I am jonesing for Sengoku Musou 3, but even if I bought it now, I couldn't play it cause it is Wii only so far. :(

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