Sengoku Basara 1-2

Monday, April 20th, 2009 07:15 am
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Watched a bad fansub of the first two eps of Basara. Although I guess I shouldn't be hypocritical. I can't process fast enough to get everything. Anyway, it was everything that [personal profile] manticore had warned me about. XD Also, however, the thing I was most horrified by was the Takeda defeating the Hojo and taking over Odawara at the same time the Oda were defeating the Imagawa! I mean WTF! Hideyoshi is supposed to defeat the Hojo at Odawara. Also the way that Yukimura and Masamune are turned into rivals kind of annoys me. That's the thing with these historical anime (pseudohistorical). I don't mind the ridiculous powers and stuff (that much), but could they at least build more off of existing relationships and not do needless things like making Zhuge Liang Lu Xun's teacher? (Also Yukimura and Masamune were NOT at Okehazama because they were not even BORN at that time! They're the same age, born in 1567. Okehazama is in 1560)

/froths. Okay, I realize this is ridiculous, but I guess the reason I get so annoyed is that needless added drama is put there and covers up the existing historical drama that I like and is so awesome. T_T I mean, if you don't build up Hideyoshi and make Yukimura loyal to him, just how is Yukimura's last stand going to go? Maybe I don't want to know. XD

I mean, it's kind of bad when I'm thinking how much better SW2 was.

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