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Livejournal is aware of the malware situation, and is collecting reports.

I'm not very savvy about the technical aspects of this situation, but it seems as if this isn't the first time that dangerous advertisements have appeared on LJ, so therefore I would encourage people to visit the site using Adblock or other similar scripts, if it is at all possible for them to do so.

I wonder what effect this will have on LJ? Already I've seen people saying that they don't want to link to LJ posts because of the intrusive advertisements (interstitial and page takeover). But if there are also not only irritating, but also disreputable and dangerous ads on there, it will further discourage non-LJ users from viewing LJ sites. This only informally increases the walled garden effect, as now, for non-paid users (Basic and Plus: functionally, for non-logged in users, Basic is indistinguishable from Plus. People who are paid and perm or use Adblock may be unaware of the extent of ads on LJ as well...), it only makes sense to use LJ if you want to put your content out there for the people who use LJ (as opposed to showing it to all of the internet).

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