Saturday, May 14th, 2011

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Insanejounal is having a username purge. I have a largely inactive account at IJ, so it was placed in deletion mode, but undeleting it is a pretty simple and painless process. Squeaky, the admin/owner of IJ, claims that he has decided to do this because a) many accounts are spam, and b) because he receive "thousands" of messages asking for the deletion of inactive accounts. He gives more information about the username purge here.

Much of the reaction to his decision, both positive and negative, comes from roleplayers. Some welcome the purge because it puts less strain on IJ, and because they want some of the purged usernames. Others are upset that journals of inactive roleplayers will be purged.

(Personally speaking... since this isn't the first time Squeaky has deleted inactive accounts, and it's IIRC stated in the IJ faqs, I don't have much of a problem with it. I have a domain name and webhosting. If I stopped paying for that, I wouldn't expect them to keep it up; similarly, if I stop "paying" for an IJ account by not frequenting the site, I feel I'd have to accept the consequences of that also... Perhaps a way this issue could be dealt with is the creation of a mechanism to transfer ownership of accounts?)

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