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Huh, I had thought that Dreamwidth wasn't going to allow the importing of communities, but it seems that has changed, and it is eventually planned, but unlikely to happen soon?

I'm also kind of confused by the 'non-evil way.' As I understand it, right now OpenID accounts cannot post entries to DW comms (they can on LJ), and if this is implemented on DW, it would be possible to allow comm importation in a non-evil way? (Under the same understanding that governs the importation of comments). I wonder if it is possible to use LJ's code for implementing openID posting on DW, or if it's part of the non-open-source code.

However, I wonder about the social implications of this. Some people already disliked the comment importation thing. What about comm importation? The importation of a comm potentially affects many more people.

I suppose the people who really object are totally capable of getting rid of their stuff, but what if they've deleted the account? Or what if it ran in a way in which the mods posted something, not the actual owners of the content? Also, this involves even more comments potentially being imported. (BTW, if you are no longer a member of a comm, can you still delete the comments you've made in a post you no longer have access to?) Well, that probably won't happen with entries, since a comm owner can't change security level on entries, so if they were public to begin with, you can still delete them.
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