Monday, August 1st, 2011

charmian: a snowy owl (Default) (Russian language link)

From what I can understand via machine translation, he gives more details on the DDoS attacks and says that it has stopped for the moment, but they are still continuing the mitigation procedures. He also talks about the origin of the attacks, and the wording of the English language message about the DDos, which seems to have upset/confused some Russian speaking users.

[Some of the content in these posts is similar to this post on SUP's official webpage:] (also Russian language)

He also wrote a post about how there were lots of 500 and 503 errors while posting as a side effect of the mitigation. He says that there may be fewer errors when posting with an app using xml-rpc api. (For example, the iphone/ipad/android apps) (again, Russian language)

This seems to have a scan of an official communication written by SUP. At the end, if google translate is rendering this correctly, he's saying that there will be two weeks compensation for paid users.

Anyone out there who speaks Russian know what the scan says?

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