Friday, February 4th, 2011

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So, LJ has added some games, which actually seem to be minimally disruptive, and so far, rather of little interest, judging from the number of people who are playing. Most news commenters seem to be decrying the games, but I think this is an overreaction, given that they probably will not impact people who aren't playing. I wonder if LJ directly got any money for this deal, or they're going to take a cut of revenue?

There is the endless discussion over whether LJ is emulating FB, but I suppose the alternative is emulating, which probably wouldn't work because a lot of their business is enterprise sites paying enterprise fees. (They could emulate Tumblr or Posterous as well, but currently those two sites are running off their funding, and anyway, both of those sites also have blogs owned by businesses or people using them for professional purposes) Ning perhaps is like the communities feature, but Ning is currently on an all-pay model. (Which seems to be working for them, to some extent) BTW, Sabina unearthed an interesting graph as well: vs. vs. To a great extent I think Tumblr is the new LJ, stripped of the privacy aspects (privacy has gone to locked Twitter and

In probably more significant news, LJ now has added an "owner" status to communities, meaning that now there will be an end to the problem of maintainer usurpation. This, IMHO, is a pretty good feature, and perhaps one which Dreamwidth should code also, if it's not part of the free code.

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