Friday, April 8th, 2011

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Friday, April 8th, 2011 12:57 pm
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Time article on the attacks on LJ. In the media, LJ is now thoroughly a Russian blogging site.

[staff profile] denise explains why imports from LJ are slow.

Post on the LJ DDoS and Russian politics.

I especially found this comment compelling:

Lots of people on the English-language side of LJ accuse SUP of not understanding Thing One about the LJ platform. That's not true. They understand it perfectly. They just understand the Russian-language side, and I'm really not kidding when I say it's two cultures on one service. Part of why we started DW was because we saw the need for a service that took the basic idea of "LJ" in the other direction, because we understood the English-language side just as well.

And it's why I get so fucking annoyed when DW converts bash LJ. Because: okay, it's not meeting your needs anymore; that's totally legit. But that doesn't mean it's wrong; it just means it's catering to a different audience. And the ability to change your strategy so that you're catering to the fastest-growing segment of your market is what ensures a healthy business. I don't agree with a lot of what LJ does lately, because I'm not that target audience. But I respect the fuck out of them for doing it, and I wish more people would understand that.

I think a lot of the vocal English-speaking language critics of LJ think that SUP is completely dumb or something, but when you think about it, can you say SUP is irrational for prioritizing the Russian-language segment of LJ? If it's most of their business, it makes sense for them to develop the software in that direction, give more resources to it, etc., given that resources are not unlimited.

I guess it's just human nature to equate "not meeting my needs" with "wrong." I think LJ is meeting the needs of the majority of English-language users, however... Personally, I've always seen it more like "eh, if you have a problem with the way LJ is run, but you can't leave because X is there, shouldn't you work on persuading X that there is a problem with how LJ is run instead?"

In any event, I wonder if this DDoS will have any long-term impact on the English language side. Will people stick with LJ despite difficulty of accessing the site? Or will this lead to an acceleration of the decline in traffic?

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