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There's a PDF linked on this page (unsure about the netiquette of linking a .pdf) which contains LJ's sales pitch to advertisers.

The document begins by claiming that LJ is the world's top "Community Media" site, and then says that LJ is unique because users connect not based on previous personal connections, but via shared interests. Communities are referred to as the "soul" of LJ.

So, in the minds of whoever created this presentation, LJ should be seen as a collection of enthusiasts about various topics, a break from the previous rhetoric about self-expression.

Interestingly, the chart on the ages of LJ users claims that there are three times as many 45-54 year olds as 12-17 year olds.

The document now begins talking about advertising targeting: interests are the mechanism for how this will work; they don't mean the actual LJ interests though, they mean that they will categorize existing communities to determine what users are interested in, then use this to serve relevant advertising to the users. Therefore they will target users based on what communities they belong to.

I'm not sure what the brand-safety page means.

"Contextual and semantic scanners send data back and forth between their own databases and LJ ad servers, and LJ staff patrol existing and new communities to preserve brand-safety, ensuring that ads serve on the most optimal pages."

I suppose this means that they have automated scanning of content, on the level of meaning? And that LJ staffers are also making sure ads don't appear on "brand-unsafe" pages?

Current Quantcast stats:;jsessionid=00094C0AA6D50779F9702A24C4AAD525

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