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Yeah, I think now whether you can successfully move to DW really tend to depend on whether there is an audience here.

The usage of LJ nowadays is heavily dependent on communities, both in the sense of comms themselves and networks of people. Perhaps nowadays, most of the real-person English side growth on LJ is about people who join in order to join a comm. However, for a comm to be successful, there needs to be a pool of people to join it. And comms are need to attract people, so it's a chicken and the egg problem. (As has been discussed here on this blog, to not much conclusion) LJ/DW are blogging platforms whose main appeal comes from their network effects, unlike Wordpress, where the main appeal is the software, and one generic MU site can offer many of the same benefits as the others. (And even some of the proprietary Automattic stuff is available for free if you register at

Anyway though, I think it's also natural that the amount of suggestions and such has slowed, though. In the past year or so, the size of the monthly active DW userbase has remained relatively stable, around 20-23K. (IMHO, barring any crazy moves by SUP, this will probably be the size DW will remain for the near future) This would suggest that there's either a lot of influx and churn (many people leaving, many people coming in to replace them) or that it's pretty much the same groups of people. I think the latter situation is more likely. If it's mostly the same group of people, it's only natural that most of them will have already suggested whatever suggestions they have (assuming they have any). Also, the more suggestions are made, the more likely it is that any suggestion you come up with will have been thought of before.

Not sure why there are fewer layouts (supposedly) though. Any thoughts?
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