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While looking at some of the discussions that people have been having about starting to use Dreamwidth, I notice one of the continual themes is a dissatisfaction with the styles available at DW. It's only natural that DW has fewer styles, but I wonder just what it is that people find so unsatisfactory about the existing ones? What features do people seek in styles?

Personally, I never thought that the existing styles at LJ were that great anyhow, since I use Wordpress and have an even greater range available to me there. (Also, Tumblr's themes) My preference for reading blogs is to have a wide column, and none of this 'big picture at the top' nonsense (my screen is a widescreen, which I don't like... why don't they make non-widescreen laptops anymore? I'd rather have a screen that is tall rather than wide.)

Maybe later it might be a good idea for DW to have a styles contest, with prizes and voting? That might get people talking about what they want to see in styles.
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