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So, the news post on the Facebook/Twitter integration has hit over 900010,000 comments. In any case, probably any substantive response will be after Labor Day. (There is no way of knowing what the decision making process or hierarchy is like inside of LJ, which is why I'm disinclined to believe some of the wilder conspiracy theories going around; however, one thing that seems to be clear is that there are quite a few levels of hierarchy and bureaucracy in there. No longer do the decision-makers communicate directly with users, and public statements take a long time to compile. This increases user dissatisfaction, IMHO. )

Further notes:
I'm wondering if the other changes are going to be widely used by users. Will many people use the Facebook login? Will it really help bring more traffic to LJ? I've heard about Myspace's FB integration, and am wondering whether it'll arrest or hasten their rapid decline.

Also, IAWTC: Here. Basically, my opinion is, whatever you think of this latest thing at LJ, I am 99% sure in the future that something like this is going to happen and LJ will handle it in the same way. /shrug
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