Friday, September 10th, 2010

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While looking at some of the discussions that people have been having about starting to use Dreamwidth, I notice one of the continual themes is a dissatisfaction with the styles available at DW. It's only natural that DW has fewer styles, but I wonder just what it is that people find so unsatisfactory about the existing ones? What features do people seek in styles?

Personally, I never thought that the existing styles at LJ were that great anyhow, since I use Wordpress and have an even greater range available to me there. (Also, Tumblr's themes) My preference for reading blogs is to have a wide column, and none of this 'big picture at the top' nonsense (my screen is a widescreen, which I don't like... why don't they make non-widescreen laptops anymore? I'd rather have a screen that is tall rather than wide.)

Maybe later it might be a good idea for DW to have a styles contest, with prizes and voting? That might get people talking about what they want to see in styles.
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Ehhh? What the heck is going on here?

So those who are following LJ and/or care, LJ decided to disallow crossposting of comments to Facebook/Twitter from locked posts in the future. Some are satisfied by this, and others not, but oddly....

The head of Abuse Prevention at LJ suddenly starts to discuss issues of privacy/publicity with the disgruntled users, as well as criticizing DW's comment imports policy. And then Brenden, editor of ONTD, also begins to argue with users, but in a much less polite way.

Now we are seeing accusations that Brenden is secretly trolling?! (I have no idea whether this is true or not, but it's all over the news post comments.) Now people are starting to accuse others of being staff members in disguise. This is all getting stranger and stranger.

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